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New formula spirulina

Available size:
550 g (1100 tabs) , 180 g (360 tabs), 100 g ( 200 tabs)

What is new formula spirulina

Some of customers used to consume Binder added Spirulina and have some problems to take our unique 100% Spirulina.

In order to address the problems, we have started producing new formula Spirulina. For better digestion rate, our company avoids using traditional binder and filler. We added the best quality of starch to make our new formula tablets.

The new formula Spirulina tablets look a little bit green, but not as dark as 100 % pure tablets.

New formula Spirulina tablets are less in smell of natural sea weeds, and also are less in price. Although the price is less, we insist to use our best quality local grown Spirulina. We do not use imported low quality and low price Spirulina. Quality is our most concern.

Pure Australian Spirulina VS New Formula

1. Pure Australian Spirulina:

Ingredient: 100 % Australian Spirulina   
use only Australian Spirulina as single ingredient , no any additive or binder added,  what you get is only 100% of spiurlina. This product is only exclusive with our company, which no other competetion does.  

Positive   : Easy to digest, more Spirulina compare other brands.  
Negative : hard to process into tablet, price higer, the tablet not as firm as binder added products( more fragile).

2. New formula Spirulina:

Ingredients: 80 % Australian Spirulina + 20 % starch
This product is similar to other brands, we added 20% starch while making tablet. which help tablet keep firm,also can make tablet quicker.

Positives: less of Spirulina natural smell, taste better, also less of price.

1. need to take more tablet for same amount of Spirulina.
2. starch added product compare pure Spirulina, will take a little bit longer timer for digest. however, if compare with other brands binder added products this new formula product still much easy to digest.

Design for new user who need Spirulina but hard to accept Spirulina tasted or smell!


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Free download "Spirulina ebook"

by Harald W. Tietze 4th edition (Value at AU$ 15)