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The only Spirulina Farm in Australasia

Australian Spirulina Pill BottleGrown in the pollution free environment and crystal clear mineral water of the Northern Territory, Australian Spirulina is the only Spirulina grown in Australasia .
( Australia & New Zealand)

Australian Spirulina has the lowest bacteria and heavy metal content compared to US standards (pdf 70K).

Using leading technology with our own unique & special spray drying method (Australian patent), we dry Spirulina in less than 10 seconds.

Also unique to our processing system , Australian Spirulina is 100% pure without any binder or artificial additives.


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Yes! Australian Spirulina

"the most pure Spirulina"

Australian spirulina, The world the most pure Spirulina compared other 24 products around the world. (inclusive
USA, UK, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, India)

King Saud University carried out a research

"Heavy metal analysis in commercial Spirulina
products for human consumption" on 2013.

This study reveals the concentrations of six typical heavy metals/minerals ( Nickel , Zinc , Mercury , Platinum , Magnesium , and Manganese ) in 25 Spirulina products commercialized worldwide.

The result shows that Australian Spirulina (TAAU Australia) beats the rest in terms of purity.

The Repoprt was published on

Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences Volume 20, Issue 4 October 2013, Pages 383–388 ( click for link)

click link above for origin article.

PDF downlaod (click for down load)

Australian Spirulina always proud on our quality, and this is another solid evidence showing our quality has left others competitors far behind.

Date : 26/09/2016


New Food labelling Law

Australian Government announce new labelling system for Australian food. ( 21 Jul 2015)

The proposed labelling will detail the percentage of ingredients grown in australia, and where the food is packed.

According new system, Australian Spirulina will be the only Spirulina product eligible to use both "made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredints" and "100% Grown in Australia "logos.

details for new labelling system:


Source : ABC NEWS 2015 Jul 21. (click for details)

ABC origin link (click for ABC origin link)


Year 2003 Australian Export Award Winner (NT)

2003 Australian Export Award National final list

2004 Austrade article topic:
Taking Aussie health to the world

TAAU Australia's successful export story published on Austrade official website.

Link to Austrade original page

2006 Australian Government
Department of Immigration and Multicultural
and Indigenous Affairs

Company team leader Mr. Bell Huang and TAAU Australia's business success story published on the Australian Government printed “2006 Diary Of Australia – A Diary Of Multicultural Events”.

2006 Sep. Northern Territory Government
Territory Q magazine

TAAU Australia and company Team leader Bell Huang's Story been published on Northern Territory Government Quarterly publish magazine " Territory Q"

2006 Mutil Australian Export Awards Winner(NT)
1. 2006 Agribusiness Award


2.2006 Manufacturers Industry Award


2006 Australian Export Award National Final list

Taking Spirulina of poor quality or from an unknown source is an important health risk!

Are you taking Spirulina now? Are you aware of where your Spirulina comes from? China ? India ? Thailand ?

Are you aware that taking low quality Spirulina may result in heavy metal deposits in your system? High volumes of heavy metals may cause serious health problems!

Most brands of Spirulina do not mention their source of Spirulina, but just simply label their product Made in Australia or New Zealand even if their product used 100% imported ingredients. For peace of mind, ask your current Spirulina vendor to provide an official certificate of origin (for imported products). If they claim Australian or New Zealand grown Spirulina, then they should have a growing License.

Only Australian Spirulina or a company that sources their Spirulina from Australia can claim they sell real Australian grown Spirulina.

Australian Spirulina has been fighting fake “Australian Made Spirulina products” for more than 15 years. Unfortunately we still cannot change the way fake products are passed off as the real thing and without your support what we can do is limited.

Please support real Aussie Grown products, (not 100% imported but still claimed as Australian Made).

We Promote Product of Australia ( Grown & process entirely in Australia)


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