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Government announces new labelling system for Australian food date : 21 Jul 2015

Photo: The proposed labelling will detail the percentage of ingredients grown in Australia, and where the food is packaged. Related Story: Public opinion sought on Australian Made labelling designs Related Story: Australian grown chips or French fries? Map: Australia

The Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister have made their first joint appearance since the controversial Liverpool Plains coal mine approval, to announce a revamp of the 'Made in Australia' kangaroo food label.


According new system, Australian Spirulina will be the only Spirulina product eligible to use both "made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredints" and "100% Grown in Australia" logos.

details for new labelling system:

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Product of Australia logo

" Product of Australia "

As highest claimed for real Australian product, Australian Spirulina will keep use" Product of Australia" on label.


Source : ABC NEWS 2015 Jul 21. (click for details)

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